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Well Cooked Poached Eggs in the Morning.

"Never apologise for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself each night. That's how galaxies are made" - Tyler Kent White

Sometimes it takes more than just some well cooked poached eggs and a quick shuffle of the contents of your chest in the morning to take on the world without apology for yourself. Sometimes it takes a shuffling of all that you have grown to understand the world as to stand by the person that you have built yourself to be, and to not be sorry for your own existence.

Maybe it takes a little reading of Earnest Hemmingway, or perhaps running in the wind as the sun sets each afternoon, maybe even mustering it within yourself to vanish to far away lands - but at some point one must realise the absolute necessity to stand by yourself as your closest friend.

I have always heard people talk about, as you grow older, that you will eventually only wish for a small group of people surrounding you that you can trust to fill you up, instead of make you feel empty. Who encourage you to evolve, but will always throw you a string and tie it securely to the ground as you become too much of a kite that gets caught in the wind, letting you float there, but never get lost completely.

I have always wondered why people say this, reveling in the energy of love cast long and far to anyone that asks for it, or even if they don't but look as if they can use some. And although I still believe it, it is possible now, that I am coming to realise that it is the people that will not let you drown that are worth continuing to swim for.

And of all those people, you are one of them.

This for me, is new territory.

To live un-jaded by the comings and goings, the catastrophic intersections of each others orbits, to love relentlessly, but to know, somewhere within yourself that your head must stay above water.

To never be sorry for the light inside of you, to let it burn until you can feel the heat of the flames deafeningly hot in your eardrums, and to never let anyone put it out.

Not even yourself.


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