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Saltwater Pilgrim
Saltwater Pilgrim

Pilgrim [pil-grim]


A person who journeys, especially long distances to sacred places

as an act of religious devotion.




[pil-grim, -gruh m]
a person who journeys, especially a long distance, to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion
Saltwater Pilgrim: The wanderer's guide to getting lost...



Saltwater Pilgrim is basically all that is inside the brain of Lucy Small – her adventures to far away lands or that time

she ran down the street in a random Sydney suburb holding a baguette while people stared and she grinned simply

because life is just so goddamn extraordinary.


These are the stories from her adventures - some to strange places, and some just around the corner. Whether it be

driving across the Australian desert in the nude spilling fruit cake that her mum gave her all over her cleavage, or

disappearing into the wild African coast.


Some stories to get you thinking and some to make you laugh, join her on her journey into the great unknown.


In the end, all paths lead to the sea.



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