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Ten Reasons a Kimono is the Best Thing You Will Ever Take Travelling

1. Blanket:

There are many unexpected occurrences while you’re on the road. Delayed flights, lost luggage, sudden weather changes – all of which mean you may need to sleep in an airport or on a bus and need a blanket. Rather than carrying one in your backpack, a kimono simply goes from being worn to being your warmth creator.

2. Sun Protection:

If you’re traversing through the tropics, or the arid desert, being caught out in the hot beating sun is probably one of the worst things you can do if you want to travel without your body gleaming like a freshly boiled crayfish. This is why a kimono also plays the part of the perfect sun protection. You can also throw it over your head to protect you face or tie it around your forehead like an Arabian princess crossing the desert and your porcelain cheeks will go untouched.

3. Looks Pretty:

Kimonos are beautiful, especially if they’re patterned and textured. Imagine yourself crossing the hot sand of an exotic east Africa Beach, cloth billowing out behind you like that scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert where one of the beauty queens sits atop of the steam rolling bus, sequined material streaming behind her in a plume of electric colour against a red desolate background. You will look good. A kimono will do that for you.

4. Body Coverage:

If you’re on the move it’s easy to find yourself in the midst of a crowded city, or perhaps a remote village, where eyes are on you like the Queen of England just arrived. It may also be the case that as a female you need to cover you arms, legs and chest – a kimono is exactly what you need to adapt to this situation. You can take that thing from the beach bikini max chill, to conservative travelling lady.

5. Makes you feel like a Wizard:

Feeling like a wizard in a wizard cape is definitely a good feeling. If you want to feel mysterious, or maybe even intergalactic, a kimono can spread its clothy wings behind you and transform you into the exotic form of yourself.

6. Airplanes:

Airplanes are cold. They do not have good temperature control. But if you’re travelling between hot locations, you don’t want to rug up and sweat for hours in the airport just to be comfortable on a flight. A kimono will literally have you covered.

7. Tie around:

There’s not just one look for the kimono. You can easily tie it around your waste if you want to look like a beach goddess, ocean tail flowing behind you, as well as allowing you to not get too hot up top.

8. Mozzie Protector:

If you’re chilling outdoors in the afternoon that then transitions into night, your kimono will have you prepared for the mosquito onslaught that follows. This is especially important in malaria zones, you can throw it around your arms legs and you have not a worry in the world.

9. Change room:

If you need a quick costume change at any time, whether it be trying on new clothes in a village store with no change room, or throwing on your bikini to lose yourself in the jeweled sea, your kimono easily wraps you up and hides you bare butt from the unassuming people around you.

10. Towel:

Lastly, it doubles as a towel. For laying on in the hot tropical sun or wiping the sweat off your forehead also in the hot tropical sun. Or wiping away the teardrops of ocean taken from their families or anything you ever need a towel for.

My Kimono is my favourite travel item. If I could only take one thing with me to be marooned on a tiny desolate island, it would be my kimono by Love Hate Vs. Here. You can find it here

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