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And then I moved to Sydney and it was totally cool...sought of

You know that feeling that you sometimes get. That clammy palm, itchy feet jitter that there is something awesome just over the horizon?

Well I got it. A few weeks ago. And drove to Sydney, via Byron and pumping waves in Noosa, to see if it was true.

Staying with some relatives I’d never met before, right on the beach in Mona Vale in the northern part of Sydney, and doing three days a week of internship at a surf mag just around the corner.

It’s a little lonely. To be honest. But it has only just begun.

It doesn’t take long for that itchy foot feeling to turn into the ache of nostalgia as you remember only the good times of your old life. It’s all warm soup and laughs around the dinner table, getting drunk and passing out on each other and frolicking on the beach to the romantic colour scheme of a perfect sunset.

Feeling alone with people and comfortable alone in a new place.

It’s always how it is. The search for excitement.

The ed asked me what my dream job was. I gave some lame indecisive answer and concluded that I pretty much want to win lottery. Not exactly inspirational for starting out. At least it’s honest.

Just kidding.

My dream job is to live in a village somewhere in remote Africa and surf uncrowded waves and speak another language and not be disturbed by the whole concept of cool.

Either that or be a surf writer.

Maybe I can just try them both out.

We’ll see.


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