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Life Saving Defibrillator

When I first travelled to Mozambique back in 2014, that summer there were 25 deaths on the beach in just the one tiny village I was in. Myself and a friend were directly involved in the unsuccessful rescue of a four year old boy, with the most horrific part being that this kind of thing was normal. Since then, a surf lifesaving association has been set up by a small group of people committed to keeping the beach safe. In the summer just passed there were no reported deaths. This is amazing work.

However, they really need an AED (a compact unit used to administer electric current to the heart) which increases the chances of reviving someone who has stopped breathing by a really high amount.

So, we've started a fundraiser for a very important cause and it would be great if you could click in to read, donate or even just share so anyone who can donate will be able to.


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