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5 Reasons the Money Doesn't Matter

You know that feeling you get when you're too scared to look at your bank account on a Saturday morning after buying countless whiskeys the night before for the random chick whose card didn't work or for the ex you haven't seen in months and are suddenly really attracted to again?

That kind of panic mixed with apprehension and hangover. Especially when you're counting your dollars to get to the next country, continent or weekend. Well, you know what, do away with the panic, just don't look at your bank account until Sunday, maybe even Monday and remind yourself that you can always make a plan. Here's five reason's why when you're travelling, the money doesn't matter:

1. Plans are made to be changed. Doing something 'because it's the plan' is not a reason. Organise your travel so that you can always adjust and adapt what you want to do according to how you're going at the time. This is especially important if you are flying solo, because well, you can literally do whatever you want. So then, if you are having a good time somewhere, or perhaps spending a lot quicker than you anticipated, you can stay in one place a little longer to either save money or pick up work to get some more. If your initial plans don't seem to be working out, don't be upset, just make a new plan. And trust me, it will be better than you ever could have imagined!

2. This is your one chance to be alive. Do you really want to spend it not doing all of the things you want to do because you want financial stability? Buy your ex the whiskey, buy that other dude you saw earlier in the day and is now watching you across the bar a whiskey too, in fact, buy whoever the heck you want a whiskey and especially buy yourself a whiskey. You will never walk away from a trip that you gave everything in your bank account and more to and wish you the money instead of the experience. Even if it's not perfect, or the way you thought it would be, never will you wish you could take it back. This is your one chance to be alive, spend it however you goddamn please.

3. You're going to work when you get home anyway. Panicking about diving below zero into the realms of credit card debt is definitely not worth it. When you get back from a trip, you're going to have to work your butt off anyway, or pick up the nine to five slog where you left off anyway, so why not make the most of the freedom you have now? If you have to work a few extra months when you get home, just remind yourself that you have already had the fun you are working toward, which means you better make it worth it!

4. You may never be in this position again. You never know what might happen down the track. Life is a very, very unpredictable creature, so putting things off until 'next time' is the most unreliable thing you can possibly do. You're here now, go bungy jumping, buy the expensive cheese, because no matter how much you expect to be back again, there is a very high chance that you won't. And if that happens, never will you be thinking, five years down the track 'eish I'm glad I saved that hundred bucks and didn't find out what it's like to jump off a bridge with a rope tied to my leg". You may never be here, like this, ever again. Go on, do it.

5. You won't starve to death. If you get into financial trouble while on the road, you can always make a plan to make it work out. Pick up a cash job as a receptionist or a cleaner or a bar tender or whatever it is you know how to do. And if the circumstance is dire, it is amazing what people are willing to do to bail you out. As long as you are compassionate and optimistic, people will come to your aid. And spending all your money and having to go home early is actually not the worst thing in the world. A short, incredible trip is far better than a long trip that you can't afford to do anything. There's no point being in France if you are eating two minute noodles. France and food start with the same letter for a reason. 'F' is for fuck yeah.

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