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Apparently, some dude with a pony tail and a really intimidating knowledge of everything told me, scientists are now thinking that we’re not made out of matter. Well, matter as we traditionally thought. That ‘matter’ is actually made out vibrating thingys. That we’re actually walking vibrations. Vibrators.

You know when someone is speaking and you know exactly what they’re about to say? Like, you hear the future? Well, this has nothing to do with that. I just find it freaky. Maybe it has something to do with when I get a message on Tinder I know exactly who it isn’t going to be. All the people that I know aren’t on Tinder.

Anyway, the new age peeps are now feeling pretty smug, because they’ve been banging on about vibrations and the cycle of positive and negative energy ever since Jesus dropped into at Teahupoo with his beard on fire riding a donkey equipped with tiny skis on it’s hooves. Whether what they have been saying and what scientists are now theorising about are the same thing, they have definitely found a way show the parallels between the two.

Although this may not seem like it’s going anywhere and I’ve possibly just been watching too much of Amy Schumer’s vague, graphic comedy recently, the thing I actually want to talk about potentially has the capacity to alienate anyone flicking through my website, looking at the shitty design (this is an interim setup I promise) and hoping for a good travel story.

I know my mum is the only one that reads this anyway.

This is about paradigms.

Paradigm – ˈparədʌɪm/ – a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.

A paradigm is this convoluted social science idea that our understanding of the world is limited by the framework of our existence. That what we perceive and the way we understand it can come only from the within the boundaries of our contextual position and we cannot understand anything, and I mean anything in it’s absolute.

Which is pretty cool really.

But also has a lot to do with why the world is so fucked up.

Because people cannot see their own paradigm. People want to believe that they know the truth.

But really, there is no truth.

How can their be? when everyone carries their own truth. And that truth comes from their context. And everyone’s context differs somehow. So everyone filters things in their own way. Their family. Their society. Their geographic location. Life experience. Trauma. Jobs. Porn preference. Whether they accidentally ate mayonnaise that morning. Travel. Ability to ride a mono cycle. Phobia of clowns. Abyss attraction. Language. Everything.

People killing each other over it.

Governments massacring the environment.

When in 50 years time we’re going to see the people that did as such animals.


Anyway, people get fucking narky over their own understanding being correct. But everything you measure anything against is also established against something you also measured against something you understood to be true and so on. Which is only true within that paradigm and on and on until someone lets off an a-bomb and we all end up living on an iceberg in the north pole wrapped in the flubber of a bunch of sea lions, apologizing to the locals for all the racism back in the day. Picking the bones of some dead fish and dying from all the mercury in the tiny bits of flesh.

Or something.

All because we couldn’t understand that we’re just walking pieces of vibration and everything we understand is completely made up.

The summary is is pretty much that this is your one chance to be alive. Don’t blow it.

And don’t be a dick.

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