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Jeffrey's Bay


I fell in love with Jbay the moment I locked my stare on the flawlessly groomed lines hitting the point above super tubes and reeling without hesitation for hundreds of meters beyond where I could see.

I fell in love when the turquoise aqua gleam of the sky and the sea was lost to the horizon, all becoming one with the perfect winters day.

I fell in love when three boys, a quiet one with a soft sense of humour, one with noodle hair a gentle demeanor and the other with wide eyes and a quick wit, lead us to their house, lent us boards, surfed with us and shared their stoke.

Having met us only once, in a dull lit bar that served tasty nachos and had the potential to heave on a Saturday night.

I fell in love when the man with years behind his glinting eyes laughed and called me a punk, arms white with foam dust as he eyes the curve of my new board.

I fell in love with the boys in our hostel who smoked too much green and laughed when I woke them on purpose every night at 3am.

With the girl with bouncy hair and an incomparable ability to strike up conversation who stayed an extra ten days, because she too fell in love with Jbay.

I fell in love when I realised no one cared about my bad decisions or the fact I haven’t found God.

I fell in love when I realized they cared for hilarity, for kindness and good intention.

They cared for each other, and like me, they cared for the sea.

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