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It’s funny how the idea of a career, a bank balance, a nice car or whatever it is we believe we want, is tied so blatantly to the false concept that we will live forever.

And if we don’t, we’ll get to try again.

Just think however, who do you know on round two? Like, ” I fucked up last time so I’m living again, having another go.”

No one.

We’ve all watched our grandma die. Seen lives taken too young every day around us:

Robin Williams

Jay Adams

Yet, we continue to stare at the screen we hate, read the articles that make us writhe with the monotony of it all.

Study degrees our parents told us to.

Get jobs we hate.

Give in to the voice of fear in the back of our minds – that we might fail. Fail as in never own that house with the perfect lawn that we have to waste an hour of our lives every Saturday mowing. Never own that car that we have to work overtime at our shitty job that we had to study five shitty years for, just to pay off.

Fail as in live without the material comfort that is slowly killing us inside.

All the while watching the minutes, hours, years ticking away. Crawling towards our own deaths.

Asleep to the one opportunity we have to be alive.

Every second that ticks by is one we can never have again.

So my friends, think carefully about what it is that makes you come alive.

It’s cliche I suppose.

But take a moment a moment to really understand what it is to live.

God, in whatever for you perceive her to be, did not put you here to plod through the repetition of day to day society. Life was breathed into into you, in some way or another, feel what that means. You’ll only feel it once.

So, throw off the shackles of society. Cut the chains to the path that has been prepared for you.

This is your life.

Not theirs.

Maybe you’ll die young.

But surely a short life lived with the quiver of adrenalin in you fingertips, the thump of your heartbeat in your eardrums, is far more valuable than a long one lived without.

Cast off the steady tick tock of the biological clock in your head.

Lose yourself to what it is that keeps you awake at night.

And if ever you get lost to the fear, stare at the night sky littered with the same stars beneath which you were born, as they too want you to feel alive.

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